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America teeters on anarchy as high-level subversives conspire to exploit a new doomsday weapon in Derison’s international techno-thriller.

Meanwhile, the country undergoes various crises that make it ripe for subversion, as the middle class collapses, Congress grinds to a halt and the population splinters into factions. The action shifts to Paris, Rome and beyond, as shadowy groups of politicians, National Security Agency operatives, ex-commandos, senior military officers and greedy capitalists vie for control...and the U.S. government itself…

[T]here’s also a daring, well-executed subplot that explores two young characters’ same-sex romantic feelings, and the story becomes particularly poignant when they take center stage… intriguing characters.

—Kirkus Reviews
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Derison’s debut literary novel follows Max Bredman through a journey of self-discovery… with a sense of truth often lacking in gay literature, particularly those with a focus on eroticism over compelling plot structure. Derison seamlessly integrates sex into the story. The novel strives to bring a sense of insight… illuminating the humanity of the characters through clever dialogue and intriguing situations… [T]he novel’s grasp of human behavior and hot-button political issues like same-sex marriage keeps the scenes invigorating and animated.
An insightful, challenging addition to the noble ranks of gay literature.

—Kirkus Reviews

This intriguing novel tells the story of a group of gay men charting the course of their friendships and relationships… with all the romantic and emotional entanglements that occur [and] Haunted by dreams of what might have been… [T]he characters are well-drawn and the story fascinating... The supporting characters’ stories are so compelling and unusual. Native Moments celebrates the complexities and pleasures of life and love.

--Gay and Lesbian Review Worldwide

Every once in a while you read a story that gives you a sense of pride…Here is a book about connecting and taking chances and that what we have now is a result of those that came before us…We get quite a look at male sexuality and its dynamics and all of the characters are part of this. Yet it is Max who steals our hearts—he is our narrator and we see things as he does… I love the rising tension in the novel and the honesty with which gay men are depicted. More than all else is the beautiful and lyrical language with which Derison writes and I have a strong feeling that we will be hearing more and more from him. While his novel is gay themed, it is really a look at the human condition and Derison knows what he is writing about.

--Reviews by Amos Lassen