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Lucas front back

Excerpt from "Lucas Pershing’s Home Run"

They had landed on a huge plateau with jagged, snow-capped mountains encircling them.  Out on the perimeter of the camp Marc spied the five-hundred man contingent of Special Forces securing the area, the elite of the elite, every one of them expert in martial arts and weaponry.  First-class living accommodations had been flown in on C-17 cargo planes.  Leave it to the U. S. Military to set up the best Little America in the most god-forsaken spot on Earth.
Book cover

Excerpt from "Native Moments"

I felt a sudden irritation with his restive jittering leg under the table.  I couldn’t speak to him about my predicament when I first arrived in Europe.  I had done my Jekyll-Hyde turn in the green room.  My altered self hadn’t needed any magic potion.  When we met Brian on the street in the stark daylight of coincidence, it was as if my forehead were branded with the phrase “only connect.”